Saturday Evening Social

Although there’s much one can learn by reading books and consuming content online, it’s not possible to experience Orthodox Christianity merely by learning about it intellectually. Real relationships with real Orthodox Christians are essential. 

A first visit to an Orthodox Christian parish can be a bit disorienting. You may hear a foreign language. You may not understand what’s happening. You may be asking yourself, “What am I supposed to do…and when…and how?” If you’re wondering when to stand or sit, it’s generally safe to follow the crowd. If you contact us in advance of your visit, we’ll make sure you have a printed service book with which to follow along during the service.

While you are welcome to join us for any worship service, we recommend making your first visit on a Saturday evening, when a smaller group gathers for the weekly Resurrectional Great Vespers service. At ~40 minutes, it’s one of the shortest of our services, and the smaller group typically in attendance allows for more personal interaction before and afterward. The group often goes out for dinner together after the service, and guests are always welcome to join us for that social outing, which provides further opportunity to get to know us and ask questions you may have.